Who are we and what do we do?
The Universe Design team believes that science, technology is not limited to a specific geography and belongs to all humans, and that access should be available at no cost to everyone at all costs.
In today's world and In the era of information, every person, organization, and institution needs to introduce their contacts to expand their activities and relationships.
And what are better services than an office, shop, etc. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year?
We've made it easy for you to use the best tools available
So that without the need for specific technical knowledge and with the lowest cost and in the shortest possible time, you can build your own world in this world village.
What is the way to pay for services?
The economy is aggressive! And paper money is being lost and replaced by digital money.
The centralization of a currency directly owned by one or more specific governments is changing into a single unit without focusing on a particular country or government.
Digital currency (the digital currency) is the cause of this change, without dependence on the government or the country, and without restrictions on access to the changing economic system, and we will accelerate the pioneers of the new age of this process. On this basis, all UNESCO services with currencies Bitcoin, bitcoin cash, bitcoin sv, litecoin, dash, other currencies will be soon added.
You can find the full guide in the "How to deal?" Section. Read!!!
Will my order processing take a few days?
Our services are inexpensive and of a worldwide high quality based on the volume of orders, It will be high. We try to order your website through 10 to 12 business days and advertising teasers through 2 to 4 days. It will be shared with you to compensate and apologize for the discount code for your next purchase.
After submitting your order, we will send you the content (website or promotional teaser) you mentioned in the ways listed. We will contact you in order to deliver the order after completing the order through the email you registered at the time of purchase.
Our relationships in Universe Design are based on friendship and mutual trust! We will always be with you as a friend and guide, If you are worried about something, just call us to solve it for you in the shortest possible time.
What is our service?
Wait for our other services. We are upgrading our services


Web Design

We build site for you


Website support

We support your website


Host & Domain

We provide Domain Registration and Web Hosting Services


Making Video Templats

We will create promotional Video Templats for you


Logo design

We will design a logo for you


Mobile application

We will create the mobile application for androi&ios