What is Web Hosting?

Web hosting is a service that lets you publish your website live on the internet. Just as you need somewhere to live, your website does too!
A hosting provider is an organization that supplies the tech you need to get your site hosted. They’re a bit like housebuilders in the real world.
These web hosts provide the servers that deliver your site to your users. To simplify things, servers are computers that deliver web pages. They act as a storehouse for data that connects your website with browsers.
Website builders like Universe Design sort out hosting for you, so you can publish your website without worrying about hosting at all. But in all other cases, you will need a website host to get your website live.
Without the server supplied by a hosting provider, nobody could connect to your website. Basically, your website is delivered to visitors from your hosting provider’s server. So your website gets sent to the user’s computer when they search your website’s address.

Free Web Hosting
Free Web Hosting

The key features of any hosting plan are:

Disk space – how much space you have to store your website’s files. Before comparing hosting packages, work out how much space you need. Things like emails, web files and databases take up space. Work out your usage requirements so you can get an appropriate plan.

Email accounts – this includes:
POP3 – normal inboxes. The server will provide some space for you to store your emails. A login and a password usually equals one account.

Forwarding accounts – handy if you employ another company to filter emails for you. Instead of storing your emails on your own server, emails are forwarded on to another address.
Alias accounts – similar to forwarding accounts. Some hosts may let you setup a catch-all alias. These are often used to collect emails sent to addresses not identified by your mail server.

Bandwidth – put simply, bandwidth is the capacity of your site to deal with data. The more bandwidth you have, the more traffic you can handle. Some web hosting services offer “unmetered bandwidth”. This means you’re not charged for what you use. If you exceed your allowance, your hosting provider will notify you.
Anti-hacking software and automatic backups are just two examples of extra ‘bolt-on’ products that are worth considering The big one, though, is SSL Certificates.

SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer. It protects the data – often users’ information – moving through your site. If you sell online, an SSL certificate is a must. Suppliers often charge over $100 for SSL certificates; a hosting package that includes one in its plan represents good value.(In the Universe Design is FREE !!!)

We provide free web hosting for our customers for 12 months!!!
Given that the service has a variety of features and varies for any design of the site, read more in the Free Web Hosting tab of the template section.