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How to order a website design

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1) The first step is to select the template

You must first select the template of your website: select the template you want from the existing categories, check the template sections online through the demo.

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2) the second step is to select a domain

The domain is the unique address of your website, at this point you have to choose the domain of your website. Search through the search box for the name of your site. If that name has not already been registered by someone, you can choose it for your website.


3) Step three is the choice of hosting space

The host is the space where your website is loaded and kept by the server 24 hours a day, we will keep your website up to date  by default, depending on the type of website you choose. if you need more space, we will upgrade it for you by default.


4) step four is to render your website content

After you have completed the previous three steps and we have assigned domain and hosting, we will send you the content in accordance with the template demo so we will upload it to your website.

how to order video templates?

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promotional video templates Content include three sections of the logo ,images and the text you want
Your content will be specified in accordance with the project you choose

Be sure to look at the transparency of the logo in the post!!!